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Common photography myths debunked

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Photography is a popular artform all around the globe. While there should not be, there are endless of rules revolving around the world of photography and photographers.

Here are some common photography myths explained

That being a photographer is easy

Taking pictures is definitely easy, but being a professional photographer is mostly not. Anyone can pick up a camera, press the shutter and capture the images. It takes true talent, dedication and skill to capture the true essence of any image.

Photography is complex and only photographers can realise what it truly takes and the challenges that come with being in that industry. Let’s not get into how difficult is it to start a business as a photographer.

 As if there is not enough competition for photography, the pay does not match your effort. Photography is more than just taking a picture, you have to put in marketing efforts, managerial skills, editing hours and more.

Good photos require expensive gear

Buying an expensive camera will not necessarily make you a good photographer. It is useless to spend money getting expensive gear when you have not mastered any real photographic skills.

While professional photography gear comes with plenty of flexibility and more consistent results, the results come down to your skill as a photographer to capture the essence of certain images.

Before you spend any money getting expensive camera, make sure you practice on your current simple gear. Master all features and functions so you can take it to the next step when you have access to good gear in future.

Shoot many photos- as many as you can

This is a technique in photography where the artist takes as many pictures as they ca in hopes of getting the right one. This may sound like a good idea for many but it takes up so much of your time.  You will need to process more shots from different sessions and this might lag your work behind.

You need a large portfolio

Beginner artists tend to upload thousands of images on their websites so clients can see the work, but does not guarantee any traffic flow.  Most people would prefer quality over quantity from a photographer.

When creating a portfolio, select only a few of your best works. If your clients want to see more, you can always leave your social media brand name on the portfolio. This makes your photography business seemingly professional.

Manual mode represents skill and professionality

There is this common myth that you are a real photographer only if you can use manual mode on camera.  While it is definitely essential to learn how to use manual on your camera, it does not mean hat this is your default when you are out in the field taking photos. Manual mode is part of mastering use of the camera and will help your technical skills but it should not hold you back. You are free to switch to shutter and aperture if you feel that you need to.

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