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To take good pictures, you need to have all equipment necessary. Having the right tools could take your skills as well as your business to a whole new level

Here are the tools you need as a photographer

Prime lenses

Most photographer’s first purchase is always the lenses. Of course, the lenses come with the camera as a standard kit, but you will need more than the average lenses if you want to take outstanding photography.

The average kit lenses will definitely never live up to the quality camera from a prime lens.  Keep in mind that the size, shape and prices of lenses vary and so does the quality of photos. 

Camera tripod

The tripod is one of the most versatile accessories you will have as a photographer. Whether you are looking to take portrait, landscape, street, wedding or even basic photography, you are going to need a tripod.

Tripods are also very useful in low light settings. The stability of the tripod will allow you to take long exposure shots without shaking the camera. It is also important for night time selfies and night sky photographs.

Remote shutter release – This will help you take shots without having to physically touch the camera. This reduces the chances for the camera to shake.  You can opt for a wired or wireless remote shutter release depending on all your needs.

External flash – Even if you do not shoot in the dark, you will still need an external flash. Built in flash tech is not so good as the external flash.

A reflector – This is great if you are looking to bring more supplementary light to your photography

AA batteries and a battery charger

Items like external flash units can drain your camera like crazy; which is why you will be needing batteries and a battery charger. One rule as a professional photographer is to always be ready.

Memory SD cards and an external hard drive.

You are going to be shooting a lot of content, which means you will need the extra space.  It is better that you have a couple of SD with your equipment so that you are ready for anything. Also, memory cards can get corrupted easily which is another reason why you should walk around with multiple external hard drives and additional SD cards.


You will need a bag designed to hold this type of equipment. This is probably going to cost you a lot, but you cannot just carry this kind of equipment in any ordinary bags. Getting a bad designed for transporting cameras and photography equipment will save you from damage costs in the long run.

Cleaning equipment

A camera cleaning kit is a basic tool for a photographer.  Moisture, dirt and dust will easily get into your lenses, camera and equipment.  In some instances, your equipment could suffer irreversible damage. Do not neglect your camera.

Some cleaning equipment you will need include lenses tissue, senor cleaning swaps, microfibre, air blower, lenses brush among others.

Final word

The products mentioned above are just a fraction of some things you need to carry as a photographer. As a beginner, you can purchase these basics and work your way up to bigger equipment later on.

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